Anointed Hands Massage Therapy

Clients Reviews

My experience at 'Anointed Hands Massage Therapy' was one of the best ever.  I was captivated when I first stepped in by the ambiance inside the place.  I was overwhelmed with the professionalism that was given, and I was seduced by the most relaxing massage I have had thus far.  Thank you to Anointed Hands!

C. Richard

Tamika is so wonderful & knowledgeable about massage therapy! I always walk out feeling like a new woman. Every time is a new experience as she's always got different techniques to target whatever issues I walk in the door with that day. I highly recommend her! 


Love, Love, Love Tamika's Deep Tissue Massage!

 For the past 3 years, I've been under deep tissue massage therapy.  Over this time, I've had several therapist and my recent massage with Tamika was one of the best.  She worked out those knots out, kept me informed of what she was doing and shared steps I can take at home toward off tightness.  Tamika has gifted hands and the heart of a teacher.  I'll be sticking with Tamika and highly recommend  her services.

 Nettye Johnson


My visit at Anointed Hands Massage Therapy was the best massage I ever had.  I was having back pain when I started going,now my back is 100% better.  Tamika is very professional and she explained everything she was doing.  I feel wonderful every time after my massage.  Tamika will be my new massage therapist.  Thanks Tamika


Excellent Service, Tamika provides the just the right amount of attention to your needs, whether you are coming to unwind from a long day or need that deep tissue worked out! I love her! I've recently tried 2 other massage therapists and neither compared!
Baton Rouge,La


Tamika is the only massage therapist that I recommend to everyone. She knows her trade and applies it in an excellent, professional manner. She takes time to find out what your particular needs and concerns are. The atmosphere she provides is soothing and relaxing. Her massages are therapeutic for me, and I always look forward to my sessions with her. She more than met my expectations.

T.Adams  Baton Rouge


My experience with Anointed Hands Massage has enhanced the balance I needed in my life. Tamika is truly anointed for massage therapy. You will not be disappointed with your experience with Anointed Hands Massage Therapy! A true healing for the mind, body and soul..

 Anthony P.  Lafayette, La


Tamika is a wonderful massage therapist. She is skilled, using great pressure and technique. She provides a calming, relaxing atmosphere. This was my first time seeing her and I would definitely go back again!       Beverly Hill   Hammond,La


All I can say is Heaven sent......Anointed Hands Massage Therapy,Tamika can we please try to package and  patent that service.REMARKABLE.Make sure that's not a crime or a sin, a massage like that can't be legal.You are just what your company's name is..... Anointed.Yall this lady even washed my feet. I felt like one of Jesus' disciples.Cheryl your referrals are worth money!!!


Chikita Wisham Baton Rouge, La


Reason #152 why I love my Massage Therapist Tamika Jackson Phill. She takes note of my race schedule.
I got a text indicating a time slot for me the morning 2 days after my next race. I get a deep tissue 48-72 hrs after each long race for recovery and mentioned in small talk during my last massage my upcoming races. Good customer service! ( I have family members who don't remember the schedule.) LOL. I ♥ Anointed Hands Massage Therapy!


Nettye Johnson Baton Rouge,La


I receive massages pretty regularly (about once a month) and had a 90 minute session with Tamika today. I can honestly say it was one of the best AND most professional massage experiences I have ever had. Tamika was very inviting and peaceful- she helped me to relax the minute I arrived and made me feel very pampered. She added so many small touches to the experience (aromatherapy, offered me something to drink, beautiful yet simple decor in the room, heated table, etc) that the already fantastic massage was really enhanced by those little details. Thanks for making my week Tamika! --Anonymous

My husband purchased a massage for me for Mother's Day and I had it today - absolutely phenomenal. Really loved it. Not only did it relax me SO well, but it also lifted my spirits in a way I really needed. :)  Thank you, Tamika!!

This was a very positive experience, possibly the easiest way to obtain a gift certificate. Also, I have been working with Tamika for almost two years now and she has done wonders for my neck, shoulders, back, and legs (I'm a runner). Excellent service and I would strongly recommend Anointed Hands to my friends. --Haley J.